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Efficiently capture a range of data for integration with CAD and GIS software, whilst simultaneously monitor progress and assets across a construction site. The Scout 15 is significantly cheaper to fly than manned aircraft, meaning that you can gather data far more frequently and with a degree of accuracy that is previously unknown in the industry. Data allows for more efficient movement around site and completion of projects. Trim costs and increase profit with the information gained from a Scout 15.

The Scout 15 is the best way for a construction company to conduct site surveys, track progress, and get an accurate view of the progress of a job.

Progress monitoring

Daily or weekly drone flights help construction firms capture progress across an entire job site. Project teams have an on-demand visual history of the latest excavation and construction progress, and can easily calculate distance, perimeter or volume.

Capture a range of data

Sensor data can be used to create topographic maps, volume measurements, and can integrate with CAD and GIS software. Data can also be seamlessly integrated into autodesk

Asset Management

Construction assets including aggregates, materials, equipment, temporary roads and structures can be easily identified and labeled in maps generated using Scout15 data. Stockpile and excavation volumes can be automatically calculated for earthworks projects, and teams can quickly allocate space for new assets and resources.

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