Get the Shot.

The Scout 15 is a revolutionary way to ‘get the shot’. One of the biggest benefits of drones is the ability to provide video and photo footage from hard-to-reach vantage points. Capture the footage you require in a cost effective and efficient manner. Highresolution stabilized cameras provide clean, crisp footage that can be used in films, photography and broadcasting.

Using a Scout 15 allows you to get the shot without the need to hire expensive helicopters or pilots. 

Full HD footage

Capture high definition film and imagery from the air with the Scout 15.

Collaborate and Succeed

Directors and Pilots are able to work together to capture the perfect shot with the video downlink. View the images in real-time and adjust angles and speed as you go. Let your creativity run wild.

Gain a new perspective

Whether you’re an amateur or professional filmmaker or photographer, a Scout 15 can take your next creative project to the next level. Capture dramatic sweeping shots and aerial views, and show your audience the world from a new perspective.

Discover a new perspective with the Scout 15

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