Know your crops.

Plants reflect light in a predictable pattern across the color spectrum. These patterns are correlated to crop vigor and stress, as well as nutrient information. Multispectral imaging uses cameras with narrowband filters to optimally sense plant reflectance, delivering the information needed to assess the status of your crops. This enables growers and agronomists to alter nutrient inputs and take action to address disease based on actual field conditions.

Using a Scout 15 allows growers and agronomists to detect areas of stress in a crop and manage these issues immediately.

Detect areas of stress in crops

Using NDVI sensors attached to the Scout 15 drone, farmers can detect areas of stress in crops. NDVI stands for Normal Difference Vegetative index. This technology uses the reflectance of red and inferred light to generate data on the health, bulk and biomass of a crop.

Take action against disease based on field conditions

Tackle diseases before they are visible to the naked eye. Use treatments where they are required – saving you time and money.

Accurately gauge where nutrients are required

Only fertilise areas of the crop that are lacking in nutrients. Save time and money whilst still maintaining a high yield.

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